Progress on May 8

Today was a really busy day. Finishing all the small details and making sure things are completed finish takes lots of time.
Also We (Jennifer and I) finished planning all the details for the photo shoot.
We have a list of all things we need for the photo shoot and what we need to buy.
I am looking forward to have fun on saturday.




  • Do Research on Customer demographic – age, economic level, race, gender, etc.
  • Mood Board of customer to generate Branding.
  • Sales Strategy/ Location of the store
  • Logo / Business Cards
  • Labels / Signage
  • Store concept and layout
  • Look book: organization of shoot, styling, models
  • Fashion Show


W        4/10     Start researching the customer demographic/ work on inspiration’s pictures/  finish planning and distributing the work

M         4/15     Mood Board

W        4/17     Set the store location/ sales strategy

M         4/22     Work on logo and business card

W        4/24     Work on Label and Signage

M         4/29     Work on the store concept/ layout in Illustrator

W        5/1       Look for location for the photo-shoot/ finish all the details for the shoot (make-            up/styling/confirmation with models etc.)

M         5/6       Finish the retouch of the pictures in Photoshop

W        5/8       Look book should be print

M         5/20     Project Presentation

Some Inspirations.


color 3


image 6blue