Logo & Business Card

Business cardLogo 1Today I finished the logo and the business card.




  • Do Research on Customer demographic – age, economic level, race, gender, etc.
  • Mood Board of customer to generate Branding.
  • Sales Strategy/ Location of the store
  • Logo / Business Cards
  • Labels / Signage
  • Store concept and layout
  • Look book: organization of shoot, styling, models
  • Fashion Show


W        4/10     Start researching the customer demographic/ work on inspiration’s pictures/  finish planning and distributing the work

M         4/15     Mood Board

W        4/17     Set the store location/ sales strategy

M         4/22     Work on logo and business card

W        4/24     Work on Label and Signage

M         4/29     Work on the store concept/ layout in Illustrator

W        5/1       Look for location for the photo-shoot/ finish all the details for the shoot (make-            up/styling/confirmation with models etc.)

M         5/6       Finish the retouch of the pictures in Photoshop

W        5/8       Look book should be print

M         5/20     Project Presentation

Some Inspirations.


color 3


image 6blue